Understanding Better the Process of Mold Removal

When mold is present inside a home or commercial structure, it can affect the quality of air inside and, subsequently, the health conditions of the residents. Immediate action must be done once mold presence is visibly detected in the house or in the building and hiring a specialist should expertly remove all traces of mold. There is no need to waste money for pre-testing mold presence when it is plain to see that mold is found living inside your home.

By knowing what mold is all about, you can have a better understanding of the mold removal process. Mold is a microscopic spore that exists everywhere, outdoors and indoors, by floating along in the air and, thus, can enter through the windows, doors, air-con/heating unit, or can rest on clothing or on a pet. Molds give off a strong and musty smell. By keeping indoor humidity below 45%, this will help prevent any mold growth as mold thrives well when there is moisture or existing source of water.

Mold can be easily removed with ordinary household cleaning products, but when there is an extensive mold presence in the house, it is advisable calling in a professional mold removal company, because disturbing big mold infestations can be bad for the health, especially the lungs, and can weakened our immune system. Basically, there are 5 steps to successfully removing mold: safety, assessment, contamination control, source removal, and moisture removal.

It is basic procedure to introduce safety measures such as wearing protective gear by the workers while house occupants must leave and stay out of the house during the treatment period. The specialist’s task is to conduct preliminary assessments before and after the mold removal, such that before removal, photos are taken to determine the mold colonies in the house and assessing what to do, then after the removal, documenting what parts in the house has been cleaned and repaired. The next basic step is preventing the spread of mold presence in areas that are not yet affected and that is to introduce contamination control procedure. Physically removing the mold at its source is the best and effective treatment for the mold to be eliminated in the area; therefore, this process may entail removal of a mold-infested carpet, removing an infested drywall, and others. Moisture removal means eliminating and fixing the site areas where moisture is found because moisture nurtures mold growth. Aside from moisture removal, the mold removal company will end up the treatment process with a HEPA (High Efficiency particulate Air) air scrubber to also remove airborne mold spores in the house.

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