The Facts about the In-Home Senior Care Services

For the seniors in the home who happen to be still strong enough and can live on their own but happen to be unable to perform some of the household chores for themselves, the best solution to help them with this need is to go for the in-home care services. Independence is one thing that we all treasure and as a result of this, the fact is that many of the elderly members of the home would always love to be in an environment that they are most familiar with. This explains the reason for the favoritism that has always been with many for the in-home care services over the assisted living facilities and the nursing homes. The services of the in-home care for seniors will be of great help for the need to help the seniors deal with the need to ensure that they are in good condition and as well ensure that they have their dignity and independence that they so cherish, remain uncompromised in any way.

One other fact about the services of the in-home care services for seniors is that of the relative cheap costs that do come with them especially when looked side by side to the option of the assisted living facilities and the nursing homes. This is actually one of the reasons why it may be seen to be a lot impractical relocating your parents to an assisted living facility or nursing home especially where there condition seems to be less serious.

In-home care services for seniors are provided in two main categories-the skilled also known as the custodial care services and the supportive or as well known as unskilled care services. The skilled services are those that are offered by the professionals in the medical field and they include nursing care, therapies that will range from occupational, physical, respiratory and speech therapies, hospice care and social services. These skilled services are often not provided on a regular basis. Instead they will have planned home visits to their clients based on the treatment schedule that is formulated by the doctors.

As for the supportive in-home care services, these are those kinds of care services offered to the seniors by those practitioners who have no medical background. These care providers will come in to offer services such as housekeeping, bathing, grooming, dressing, meal preparation and many more to the elderly. Depending on the family request and the client, there will as well be a lot more other supportive services that the in-home care service providers will come with and these are such as the offering transportation services to medical appointments.

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