Designing your own home brings both enjoyment and challenges. Deciding on the smallest details can keep you busy for hours. You should take some aspects of designing a home more seriously than others, though. Security and safety are both high on the list.

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Knowing that your family is safe when you are away from home can let you concentrate on your work. When nobody is at home, working door locks and window closures can keep intruders and thieves out.

One thing that many people fail to consider is the cost of a locksmith if the keys to entryway door locks become lost while you are away from home. Keeping a locksmith tool set in your car or another safe location can save a significant amount of money in such an event.

However, just like any new device, you must learn how to use this kind of a tool set. Otherwise, even though you have it, your inability to use it can only lead to extreme frustration. Opening up your door with a lockpick takes skill. Googling on your cell when you cannot find your keys cannot give you the skill this task requires. Only practice can do this adequately.

Why might you need a kit like this when you could make a spare key and leave it somewhere safe? Because other doors might be locked, you might change locks on a door, and it also makes it more likely that a thief can locate that key just by looking in common hiding spots. A set of lock picking tools does not make it as simple as turning a key. A thief who knows how to use such tools most likely already owns a set and would readily use them if your home was chosen.

Other security measures that you need to consider include smoke detectors. You should install these in specific areas that air currents would push smoke into first. You should install carbon monoxide detectors close to wherever you install gas-using equipment. Both of these can save your family in the event of a fire or a poorly combusting furnace or stove.