Finding a Good Pest Control and Inspection Company

If you have a pest control issue that you do not want to take care of yourself, you may decide to hire a pest control and inspection company. How can you make sure that the professionals end up hiring will deliver satisfying results?


In most cases, state or local agencies issue licenses to pest control and inspection companies. Contact to your state pesticide regulatory agency to know if the contractor’s license is valid (if applicable). In addition, see if the company is bonded so you can be reimbursed in the event that an employee causes any losses or damages.

Treatment Proposal

The company must inspect your property and create a recommended control program that includes the following:The company needs to inspect your property and come up with a proposed control program, which should cover:The company should carefully inspect your premises and draw up a pest control program that includes: Pests that will be eliminatedPests that must be controlledPests that have to be controlled Degree of infestationExtent of the infestationExtent of the issue Active ingredient/s in the chosen pesticide and any associated adverse health effects Active ingredient/s in the pesticide that will be used and associated negative health effectsActive ingredient/s of the pesticide to be applied and any adverse health effects associated with their use Application techniquesTechniques of applicationApplication methods Specific instructions to minimize your exposure to the pesticide (for example, emptying cupboards and removing pets)Particular instructions to limit your exposure to the pesticide (for instance, vacating the area, emptying cupboards, etc. What you can do to avoid pest problems in the futureSteps you can take to prevent future pest issues Measures you can take to avoid recurrence of your pest problem


Don’t depend on the company salesperson for this. Do your own research. Give your state pesticide regulatory agency a ring and see if they have dealt with complaints from your prospective company’s customers. Also ask neighbors and friends if they have hired a pest control and inspection professionals before, and what they thought of that company.


Contractors should have general liability insurance, including sudden and accidental pollution coverage, and workmen’s compensation insurance, which will protect you in case any of their employees is injured on site. Most states do not require pest control companies to have insurance, but hiring an uninsured company is too big a risk to take.

work guarantee

Be careful with a company that will not guarantee its work. Moreover, be sure to know what you have to do in order to keep your end of the bargain. For instance, if you hired a company for termite control, they may render the guarantee invalid if you make structural adjustments to your house without them knowing beforehand.

Industry Associations

Professional associations, from local to state to national, make sure their members are in the know when it comes to new methods and techniques, safety, training, regulations and other developments in the pest control industry. Members also agree to follow a strict code of ethics. When a company, big or small, decides to join a professional association, it usually means it is dedicated to quality.


You and the company you have chosen should draw up the contract together, ensuring that all your safety concerns – for example, allergies, presence of wildlife and fish, etc. – are considered. And before you finally sign the contract, make sure you have read the fine print and understood it completely.

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